French Language

Based on a placement test, students are divided into the following three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each skill at one of the three levels has certain objectives to be attained.

Beginner (Niveau A1)

  • Comprehend current language in very simple authentic texts about basic topics.
  • Describe residence and acquaintances
  • Write simple structures
  • Understand and use daily-life expressions to introduce oneself and ask and answer simple questions

Intermediate (Niveau A2)

  • Comprehend simple and short messages
  • Find information in daily life documents (advertisements, menus, schedules)
  • Interact through simple tasks and write notes and short messages (friendly letters, thank-you letters)

Advanced (Niveau B1)

  • Use standard language to conduct a conversation, express opinions, ask for others' opinions and take initiatives
  • Seek clarification during a conversation
  • Experience daily-life situations
  • Produce different forms of writing