Beirut Arab University is a great place to work in, filled with creative and brilliant minds who continue to seek self-growth and development on a daily basis. By joining BAU, you become a member of a connected family and work in a creative environment.

Below are some of the reasons why you should consider employment at BAU:

BAU-FIBA Accreditation
  • Supporting BAU’s  Vision & Mission: At BAU, we seek to develop multi-cultural leaders, to cultivate leadership abilities, and to propagate social responsibility and diversity.
  • Working in a Flexible Creative Environment: When you work at BAU, you enjoy the outstanding opportunity of experiencing a highly rewarding professional life.
  • Meeting Amazing People: Our team of highly successful and motivated employees is what creates a unique work environment at BAU.
  • Exploring our Beautiful Campuses: We operate 4 different campuses around Lebanon, our main Beirut Campus, the huge Debbieh Campus, the vibrant Tripoli Branch, and the contemporary Bekaa Campus. Each of these campuses is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and modern architectural designs.
  • Benefiting from our Great Services & Offers: BAU’s services to employees are diverse, flexible, and unique.