Materials Engineering

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BAU -Materials researchers and engineers

Materials researchers and engineers are at the forefront of exciting innovations that directly serve health and wellbeing. Researchers specialized in the domain of biomedical, civil and environmental engineering conduct researches and publish state of art results situated under this sub-theme. For instance, biocompatible materials and materials for smart sensors.

The following topics are being actively addressed within the Faculty of Engineering:

  • New products to be used as construction materials,
  • Use of waste/by-products as partial substitution of (Energy intensive) cement for reducing CO2 emission due to cement production,
  • Extracting the dust coming from quarries and using it in the production of cement. This will reduce the air pollution and its direct effect on human health (e.g Asthma).

Three publications out of the Faculty’s scientific production during the last two years can be positioned under this umbrella.

The Faculty of Engineering encourages research under this sub-theme and this is translated through the continuous improvements of its research facilities. A new biomedical laboratory is going to be installed. Faculty members are always investigating short and long-term collaborations with industry in order to finance research projects. This theme matches the work of the Faculty of Engineering strategic research theme.