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BAU -Design of wearable health monitoring solutions

The National Academies’ Report “Computational Technology for Effective Health Care: Immediate Steps and Strategic Directions” cites various possibilities that help to enhance the health and wellbeing. Definitely, advancement in technology is one important opportunity for engineers to work on that make these steps possible. For example, instrumentation research for better patient diagnostic is an important up-to-date research problem that is being addressed nowadays. All provided advanced technological solutions should ensure low cost, short time and accurate diagnosing.

Some topics are currently being addressed by Faculty members. Some of these topics are:

  • Design of wearable health monitoring solutions: The main aim of this project is to develop wearable solutions that can be used by normal persons or subjects with medical conditions in order to continuously monitor their vitals and try to detect or predict any medical condition and take fast actions to address them. This would help in improving the wellbeing of the concerned subject.
  • Wearable electroencephalogram (EEG) measurements solutions: this will help to detect and predict oncoming seizures for patients suffering from epilepsy.
  • New design methods to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Development of innovative dry washing system to collect the fines from sand quarries in order to reduce water pollution (e.g. Litani basin) and the associated health hazard.

Three publications in the last two years were reported that tackle this research problem.

The Faculty of Engineering is convinced by the important role of technology in providing healthy and decent lives. For that, the faculty was able to initiate a new engineering program Biomedical Engineering that is integrated within the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The establishment of this program is a step towards addressing this important matter. Other short term plans of the faculty is to invest in this domain by hiring faculty members in this domain who will enrich researches in technology to serve the Health and Wellbeing of the society in Lebanon and the Middle east region.