Seismic Assessment and Strengthening of a Reinforced Concrete Existing Low-Rise Building


"Nowadays, all new buildings have to be designed and executed to overcome any type of loading imposed (lateral/vertical). On a universal scale, the stock of older buildings built before 1980’s is believed to be many times more than the number of newer buildings in most urban cities. In Beirut, a large proportion of Reinforced Concrete (RC) structures were constructed in the absence of mandatory earthquake design requirements, and unquestionably recognized as the type of construction most vulnerable to earthquakes. The following study will be focusing on how to assess and design a strengthening schemes using different approaches for such type buildings. The investigations confirm usually the vulnerability of old structures to severe earthquakes. Thus, a case study will be selected to implement analysis results and design proposals. Conventional seismic upgrading techniques will be adopted like the addition of shear walls which leads to a strengthening of the frame. In addition, a more innovative approach will be also discussed: the use bracing systems. The strengthening schemes that will be chosen are based on a trial of harmonization of the technical, economic and social aspects of the issue in hand. Analysis of the three systems (existing, modified with shear walls and with bracing systems) will be performed using the ETABS software mainly. Design and detailing of some elements will be shown. At the end, a comparison between the systems has been set based on different structural and nonstructural criteria."


Amthal Moustafa Hakim


Dr. Adnan Masri