Leakage Current Solution Techniques for Grid Connected PV Systems


"Grid-connected transformer less photovoltaic inverters(TPVI) are increasingly dominating the market due to their: - higher efficiency - lower cost - lighter weight - reduced size compared to their transformer based counterparts. But when transformer is eliminated, there occurs a galvanic connection between PV panels and grid which leads flowing of Leakage current due to formation of parasitic capacitance between PV panels and ground which creates some safety issues. In my Thesis, different TPVI topologies (H4, H5, H6 & HERIC) are studied, modeled and simulated, for a PV grid connected system, to study behavior of leakage current, making comparison and conclusion. In my thesis work the HERIC topology will be the best topology based on its safety behavior and performance. Also, I proposed a valid H5 and H4 prototype systems to show the validity of these methods in minimizing the leakage current to meet IEEE standards."


Ousama Talal Dankar


Dr. Mohammad Tarnini