Control of Pneumatic Actuators Based on Fuzzy Logic


"Nowadays, pneumatic systems are highly involved in industry due to their numerous advantages. They are fast acting, easy to install, cheap, compact, and have high power to weight ratio. Moreover, pneumatic actuators are considered much safer and less noisy as compared to electric actuators. Factory automation, especially medical and food processing equipment, has become the main sector for pneumatics. However, a major problem hides behind the use of pneumatic actuators, which is the lack of high precision and accurate positioning. In addition, pneumatic systems are highly nonlinear and difficult to control due to the compressibility effect of air, friction, dead volumes of air, and valve dynamics. The aim of this thesis is to introduce fuzzy logic for controlling the position of pneumatic actuators as a simple, robust, and suitable controller for nonlinear systems. A mathematical model is obtained in order to simulate the behavior of a pneumatic actuator by taking into consideration all system nonlinearities. Fuzzy logic control is applied with two feedback signals that are the error present between the desired and actual position, and the difference between the pressures in both chambers of the cylinder. The performance of the proposed controller is compared with classical PID controller by varying several conditions, in order to prove the accuracy and robustness of the fuzzy logic controller."


Moustafa Issam Hammoud


Dr. Ousama Mokhaymar, Dr. Samaan Amin