Axis-Based Key Cryptography


Security has always been a privilege for governments and banks, from the old Egyptian civilization to the latiest technologies. Nowadays, security becomes an essential domain in our daily life; from protecting mobile chats to bank accounts to confidential data.It's everywhere due to the huge amount of data stored and transmitted over public and unsecure networks. On the other hand, computers are advancing so fast that some cryptosystems may vanish in the upcoming years. For this, a need of robust security systems is raised to ensure that our data will be kept safe. Scientists have always worked hard to find an ultimately safe way to protect data from any easdropping or data altering, and the journey hasn't finished yet. This paper introduces a new approach in cryptography based on the distribution of data using an x-y key function. Many algorithms are applied to serve the goal and promising results have been recuperated. Security has been maximized although there are limits concerning time and space for large-scale files, so far. Three main concepts have been used: transforming data, distributing it, and xoring it with other data. In this way, we have articulated the wheel of cryptography and ensured a very safe technique to protect our private data against any malicious attacks.


Iman Mahmoud Haidar


Dr. Ali Haidar