• 3 - 4

    Feb - 2016

    Kick-off meeting

    Gdansk, Poland

    Host: Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    Prof. Dr. Sobhi Abou Chahine, Prof. Dr. Adel El Kordy, and Dr. Youssef Attallah participated in the kick-off meeting as representatives for Beirut Arab University, Lebanon.

    Project Partners were asked to prepare 2 presentations:

    • First - on the university that are representing (the general information, the size, number of students, faculties, teaching programme of you faculty, etc.)
    • Second - on the road safety curriculum that are teaching and the current curriculum you are dealing with plus the job demands on the market.

    The aim of the first presentation will be to get to know each other and the aim of the second to start the first phase of the project which is: „The EG-JO partners, with close help from EU, prepared a comprehensive survey of the present curriculum and practical experiences in traffic safety in EU-EG-JO-LB. This survey includes a market study on job demands”.

  • 3 - 5

    May - 2016

    Second Meeting

    Beirut, Lebanon

    Host: Beirut Arab University, Debbieh

    Activities included

    • Presentation of the analysis report (Lebanon – Jordan – Egypt)
    • Presentation of the EU agreed Road Safety Master Program Proposal
    • Mini lectures on Road safety statistics and Road safety system
    • Mini lectures on chosen courses
    • Presentation of the Office Mix tool and training (edition of short videos as learning material)
    • 10 min. mini lectures on chosen topics in traffic safety from EG-JO-LB (to be recorded in Office Mix)
  • 19 - 21

    October - 2016

    Third Meeting

    Valencia, Spain

    Host: UPV (Universitat Politechnica De Valencia)

    On the first day the attendees visited the site and facilities for the University of Valencia (UPV) and then discussed the content of educational programs (Master and diploma) to be established and details of courses and teaching aids, web sites, equipment and facilities required and included events review of short videos have been prepared by the participating universities for modern methods teaching courses.

    On the second day visited the traffic management center in the city of Valencia and offer ways to control the traffic and traffic control and traffic management techniques and insuring traffic safety. Followed by a discussion of the scientific content of the proposed decisions by the European party, objectives, outputs and references and teaching methods, especially blended learning (Blended Learning) was agreed that the next task of the project and the completion of the preparation of programs and licenses required.

    On the third day visited a laboratory simulation of driving techniques to assist in the roads and the traffic control plan was reviewed aids to teach various courses such as webinar and virtual laboratories. It was agreed that the next action plan for the next events in the framework of this project.

    In the framework of the meeting the students involved multiple activities and meetings with graduate students at the University of Valencia and visit some university laboratories and attend some lectures of PhD students and university training on some of the methods of scientific research.

  • 24 - 28

    April - 2017

    Fourth Meeting

    Gdansk, Poland

    Host: Gdansk University of Technology, Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering

    The attendees had their workshop on operational analysis for road safety as well on road safety strategies, programming and road safety statistical analysis.

    The attendees have visited the traffic control center in Gdansk and in Gdynia. The attendees had a workshop and training on road safety auditing and inspection. There were site visit for road auditing and error inspections. At the end, the attendees had to present their presentation about road safety situation, issues and solutions in their countries.

  • 9 - 15

    October - 2017

    Fifth Meeting

    Norrkoping, Sweden

    Host: Linkoping University (LiU)

    The attendees had their visit and training in the visualization center at Norrkoping campus, as well in the VTI or Swedish transport research institute. A training was held on visum software for safety and on street audit softwares. The attendees had attended a discussion of Phd and masters students.

    The attendees had a training in the crash lab in Linkoping. At the end, the attendees presented their final project about road safety in their countries.

  • 8 - 13

    April - 2018

    Sixth Meeting

    Madaba, Jordan

    Host: German Jordanian University

    The attendees had a presentation of final courses materials from different European universities : Linkoping University (LiU), Gda?sk University of Technology and from UPV (Universitat Politechnica De Valencia). A discussion was held about the accident database, the webinar platform, the traffic safety network and the quality control. Financial, organizational and financial issues were discussed as well. The attendees had their visit to the road safety center at Architectural school/Amman ( presentation and discussion) and they had their visit to Jordan traffic institutor.