Department of Physics

The Faculty of Science was established in 1976 with the Physics Department being the first program. The Physics Department is committed to sustain high standard teaching in the different branches of physics. In addition, the department offers facilities for graduate studies leading to: Diploma (in Radiation Physics), MSc and PhD degrees (in Solid State, Materials Science, Radiation, and Molecular Physics). Such programs attract prospective graduate students from Lebanon and some other countries. During their higher studies, the graduate students can also contribute to teaching undergraduate laboratory and tutorial classes and provide help with other teaching tasks. The programs are intended to produce competent independent researchers who may contribute to advancement of physics. It is also intended that the selected research programs may prepare the students for careers in recent research activities, teaching and industry. The Physics Department has well-equipped undergraduate laboratories which provide excellent instrumentation for experimental physics. There is a joint collaboration in some teaching and research activities between Physics Department (at BAU) and the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission (LAEC) which provides some advanced facilities for experimental measurements in the research programs.


The Physics department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Physics department offers the following graduate programs: