Department of Chemistry

The Chemistry Department in BAU is one of the four departments in the Faculty of Science established in 1992. Our department provides a high-level, quality learning experience for all students, from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, in both theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry. The department has a wide variety of services including a full line of specialized laboratories and computing facilities that fulfills all needs required for students. The department has besides the two main undergraduate laboratories, NMR, advanced instrumental, water analysis, advanced physical chemistry and advanced organic chemistry laboratories. All are well equipped with a variety of instruments, equipment and facilities. This experience develops students’ technical skills and prepares them for a number of job options in the private sector, as well as opportunities in governmental, and research institutions. The department conducts high-calibre research, aided by top-class analytical and physical techniques and methods, in the frontier areas of subject such as the synthesis and use of novel inorganic and organic compounds in highly rewarding and modern fields of research like water treatment, surface chemistry, drug activity and delivery, biological activity and medicinal applications, as well as homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, in addition to classical understanding of basic theories, mechanisms and kinetics.


The Chemistry department offers the following undergraduate programs:

The Chemistry department offers the following graduate programs: