Admission Requirements for a PhD Degree

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Applying to BAU

To apply for a PhD degree, please obtain an application and submit it together with all required documents to the Graduate Department Office in Beirut Site or send it by email to .

Graduate Admission Form (application)

Essential Requirements

  • Minimum grade: Master’s degree with minimum CGPA 2.33 or minimum percentage grading system of 70%Master’s degree with minimum CGPA 3.00 or minimum percentage grading system of 80%.
  • English language proficiency: English is the language of instruction. Hence, applicants must provide evidence of their English language proficiency when applying to programs in one of the following ways:
  • Test Minimum required score
    BAU's English Language Proficiency Exam 60%
    TOEFL (paper and pencil) 520
    TOEFL (internet-based) 68
    IELTS 5.5

    Students who score between 50 and 59% in BAU’s English Language Proficiency Exam might be accepted for enrolment, but they will have to take Intensive English courses.

  • Specialized Admission Exam and Interview:
    • Applicants to the Faculty of Dentistry are required to attend an interview, practical and written exam before the final decision of acceptance.
    • Applicants who’re graduated for 5 years or more are eligible for interview or a specialized exam to assess the level of their scientific information and familiarity with advanced information in their specialization.

Application Checklist

  • An endorsed photocopy of the Individual Civil Status Record for Lebanese applicants and passport copy endorsed by an official entity for Non-Lebanese.
  • Two recent photos endorsed by an official entity.
  • An endorsed photocopy of the Official Lebanese Secondary Certificate or its equivalent
  • An endorsed photocopy of the Bachelor Degree along with a transcript of the courses studied and grades attained.
  • An endorsed photocopy of the Master Degree, along with a transcript of the courses studied and the grades attained.
  • An Equivalence of the Bachelor and Master’s Degree from the Ministry of higher education in Lebanon is a must before submitting the application.
  • Three recommendation letters (Graduate Recommendation Form)
  • A copy of the Master's thesis.
  • Applicants must provide Work Permit and Membership in their order.

Admission Dates

  • Deadline to apply for the Faculty of Dentistry postgraduate studies is August 6, 2023.
For all dates, use the following link to access the calendar: Graduate Academic Calendar.


Students are to check the Graduate Studies office within a month from the date of their application of the decision. The final acceptance in a program is based on the applicant's qualification, class capacity and the recommendation of the faculty council.