Energy and Environment

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Sustainable development requires main changes in actual used engineering processes, in the nature and amount of resources employed, and in the products that are manufactured. More energy efficient societies must be targeted, using resources in a more responsible manner and organizing industrial processes in such ways to minimize and re-use wastes. Research by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) suggests that humans are using natural resources at a rate of 25 – 50% greater than the planet can replenish them. Hence, there is an essential requirement to use natural resources more efficiently and wisely. For example, increasing efficiency of energy generating systems, reducing waste and recycling. These solutions are directly related to Engineering.

Some of the topics that are currently addressed under this important subtheme are:

  • An economically viable method to use wastewater in the production of construction materials,
  • Reducing energy requirement in cement factories from the milling process through the use of waste dust collected from quarries.

Two publications from the Faculty of Engineering addressed this topic. The faculty aims to increase the researches that serve sustainable development in Lebanon and in the region. The faculty will continue to support creative ideas and encourage multidisciplinary national and international collaborations. During the coming years there will be a huge support to faculty members and postgraduate students that are working (or willing to work) under this umbrella. The support is awarded by the university to researches conducted in topics that serve society and creative sustainable development. In 2017/2018 two full scholarships for Ph.D. program will be given that will serve this cause. More scholarships are going to be awarded each year