Advances in Technology

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Technology has been recognized with a mass of problems and solutions that are linked in a very close way with aims for sustainable development in Middle Eastern countries. The extraordinarily revolution nowadays is due to advances in technology. Technology has the possibility to change how and where people settle for living and/or working, and thus the nature of urban areas of the future. It is altering the way that companies are managed. It is enhancing the efficiency of land transportation, air transportation, and water transportation systems. For instance, fiber optic cable networks and space satellites systems are enabling us to investigate, watch and protect natural resources.

Related topics under which Faculty members are currently conducting research include:

  • Innovative chemical admixtures in producing a sustainable construction/structural materials.
  • Development of innovative dry washing system to collect the fines from sand quarries.
  • Development of lightweight structural elements (e.g. slab) by introducing voids (based on waste/recycled plastic oval balls). This will produce slabs with similar performance to solid slab and reduce the overall materials used thus contributing to sustainable development.
  • Groundwater reinjection for enhancing the water resources (aquifer) capacity.
  • Using an economically cement replacement materials that are economically as socially acceptable as well as meeting the engineering performance (i.e. metakaolin).

Four publications during the past two years addressed this topic. The Faculty aims to increase research that serves sustainable development in Lebanon and in the region. The faculty will continue to support creative ideas and encourage multidisciplinary national and international collaborations. During the coming years there will be a huge support to faculty members and postgraduate students that are working (or willing to work) under this umbrella. This support is given by the university to researches conducted in topics that serve society and sustainable development.