Science - Course - Physics for Everyday Life

  • Course Code: PHYS002
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2crs.: 2lec.)
  • Course Type: University Requirements (UR) (CUR)

Course Description

Definition of physics- Physic timeline and famous figures of physics- Astronomy and cosmology (the origin and evolution of our universe (is there a life in outer space?)- Atmospheric physics (Why is the sky blue-global warming)- Vibrations and waves (resonance dangers and applications)- Bio physics (the application of the electromagnetic waves in medicine)- Nuclear physics (enrichment of uranium and nuclear power plants)- Simple relativity (understanding Einstein’s special and general relativity using common sense) – What is light ? (wave versus corpuscular Aspects-Applications of the photoelectric effect)- Sound waves (musical sounds and noise pollution)- electric and magnetic fields (thunder storms-MRI) Understanding and analyzing a physics document (article or video or presentations).