Science - Course - Meteorology Today

  • Course Code: ENVI003
  • Credits: 2
  • Hours Distribution: (2crs.: 2lec.)
  • Course Type: University Requirements (UR) (CUR)

Course Description

The course covers the basic principles of atmospheric environment and meteorological concepts in a visual & practical manner. In the first part (the atmospheric environment), the composition, origin, and structure of the atmosphere will be explained. In the second part (the meteorological concepts), weather stations, radar & satalites used in weather prediction will be identified and studied. In addition, the following activities will be demostrated by the students during the lectures: 1- Collecting and summarizing the DATA from the weather sations. 2- Interpreting the weather maps & climatological data. 3- Applying meteorological principles. 4- Distinduishing between the different types of weather reports.