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The Role of HUB Ports in Achieving Economic ‎Development inDeveloping Countries:‎‎ An Empirical Study of Beirut Seaport


The government interest in the Martine transport has increased after the studies prove that indicate that more than three quarters of world trade is transported by sea. As it is known, the sea transportation is based on three axes: the goods, ships, and ports and each one of them influences and completes the other. The port is one of the most axis in which the sea transportation is based on, especially after the development of the goods packaging which requires new kinds of ships to transport it, the thing that results in the need of developed ports to receive these ships. Moreover, the increase of the world trade movement that coupled with technological development in the port, the transportation means, storage, and the packaging ways all result on major changes in the rule and usage of ports. In which it increased the average of its circulation of goods and decreased the time of its occupancy, and in the emergence of specialized containers and vessels which requires a change in the pattern of the tools used. As a result the ports have been transferred in to industry and trade carters which involves the industrial processes and commercial free zone that is ready to meet the growing demand for port services. So the ports become in more need to huge funds for the infrastructure and tools which depends on developed technology as a base to present special serves that have high-quality , for example the maritime cranes and the incubation containers. The ports are regarded without importance if they don’t have the technological means to meet the future needs and the usage of computers to transfer the information. So, the ports became a center for the distributing, storage, transporting, and regarded as a chain for transportation means and called "Hub Ports.” The studies of The Role of Hub Ports in Achieving Economic Development in Developing Countries "An Empirical Study on Beirut Seaport". And this was reveled in presenting the new dimensions of the sea ports and though presenting the different system that affect the hub ports. To complete these studies it deals with state of Beirut sea port by describing and presenting its location, development, and its importance for being located on the eastern bas of the Mediterranean Sea. These studies also deal with the importance of changing Beirut sea port to a hub port on the Mediterranean Sea. This research has ended in a group of results that confirm the importance of improving Beirut Sea Port on the Mediterranean Sea. And it also ended in some recommendations to Beirut Sea Port management to take and work on implementing them.


Mouhamad Hisham Balouza


Prof. Mohamady Abou El Saoud & Dr. Mohamad Omar Hamad