The Handing-over Ceremony of Nawfal Palace 3D Scan Project in Tripoli.

21 December 2020


After finalizing all the tasks of Nawfal Palace 3D Scan Project by a specialized team in the field of 3D scanning from Beirut Arab University- Faculty of Architecture, the deliverables and outcomes were submitted in a ceremony organized by Tripoli Municipality in its premises in Tripoli on 21 December 2020.

The ceremony was attended by Tripoli Mayor Dr. Riad Yamak, and Dr. Bassem Bakhash Chairman of the Education and Culture Committee from Tripoli Municipality while BAU was represented by the vice president of Tripoli Branch Affairs, Professor Khaled Baghdadi, Professor Ibtihal Youssef El-Bastawissi, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment and Dr. Nabil Mohareb,Faculty Director for Tripoli Branch. The ceremony was also attended by the Project Sponsor Mr. Mustapha Jazar CEO at LASeR and BAU team who worked on the Project : Dr. Kareem Galal and the students Khoder Bahr Joujou, Hadi Hassan Jalloul, Abdul Karim Rabie Oweidat, and Muhammad Nour Maher Abu Ammo.

During the ceremony, Prof Ibtihal, has appreciated the generous hospitality and the facilities provided by Tripoli municipality during the site works and highlighted the importance of cooperative activities between the university and the civil society in Lebanon.