We are pleased to inform you that Serene Fares and Taha Al Hadi from BAU Debiye got shortlisted to the final round of “Trophée,

La Plume de Pierre” as per the following:

Serene Fares: 1 drawing

Taha Al Hadi: 2 drawings

As such, the two of them are invited to attend the award ceremony scheduled for February 28th, 2019 at ALBA’s new premises, Dekouaneh. An E-invite will be shared with them, along with some directives to follow to ensure a smooth process for the event. Each one of the shortlisted contestants will be handed a certificate from the Pierre Sadek Foundation. Their drawings will also be exhibited at ALBA’s exhibition hall from February 28th until March 8th. In addition to that, caricatures of the late Pierre Sadek will also be on view until March 8th.

All jury members will meet again on February 25th to choose the final winners. These winners will remain strictly confidential until the announcement on February 28th.