Strategic Goals of Academic Development

ADQAC works to make education at BAU more accessible, innovative, student-centered, outcomes-focused, and equitable.

Educational Policy Development

The Centre supports academic development by providing the followings:

  • Help in solving educational problems, designing objectives, analyzing and suggesting new ideas for policymakers, academic staff, and the University at large.
  • Better information about education in order to vastly improve policies that govern quality of education.
  • Deep engagement in ongoing developments in educational technology at all levels of teaching and learning.
  • Assurance that all providers of education are accountable for the quality of their work.

Educational Assessment Development

The Centre provides the generation of theory and information about effective assessment of the followings:

  • Research, documentation, strategies, policies, and processes to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness in fostering student success.
  • Technological resources and facilities to assure the sustainability of the University.
  • Programmes and curricula in order to direct Faculties to be accountable for student learning.
  • Teaching and learning in order to demonstrate that students have met standards of international accreditation bodies.