The faculty offers a Bachelor of Architectural Engineering Degree where the standard duration of study is 10 semesters.

The degree requirements consist of a total of 180 credit hours (Minimum Five Years) taken as follows:

  • Mandatory Courses: 132 Cr. consisting of the fundamental structure of the program, which includes Design Studios, Execution Design, the essential theoretical and technical requirements, as well as courses in Civil Engineering.
  • Faculty Elective Courses: 32 Cr. divided into:

*Preliminary Level (200's courses): 8 Cr.
*Intermediate Level (300's courses): 10 Cr.
*Advanced Level (400's courses): 14 Cr.

General University Requirements: 16 Cr. divided into:

*University Mandatory Courses: 5 Cr.
*University Elective Courses: 11 Cr.