News and Events

19 December 2015
As a part of its contribution to enhancing the community health awarnes; the Nutrition and Dietetics Department Faculty of Health Scieces, BAU,Tripoli Campus had organized in collaboration with the New Mazloum Hospital an anti diabetes campaign on Saturday 19/12/2015 under the title “ let’s combat diabetes together”.... more

18 November 2015
A scientific visit to Ajaj Dairy Factory- Tripoli by the students of the department of nutrition, on Wednesday 18/11/2015.... more

04 November 2015
A scientific visit to Al-Rabih “Sonaco “ canned food company - Gherfine by the students of the department of nutrition, on Wednesday 4/11/2015.... more

13 September 2015
... more

08 October 2014
The activity started with welcome speeches by Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Vice president for Tripoli Campus Affairs, and Prof Moustafa Mourad, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, followed by a brief talk presented by Dr. Mohamed Sandid head of the Lebanese Society for Diabetes. Dr. Mohamed Sandid highlighted the importance of prompt actions for the prevention and adequate control of diabetes emphasizing the need of cooperation of the different sectors of the community.... more

31 March 2014
The day started with a seminar entitled “ Adolescents Obesity And Related Risk Factors” presented by Dr. Germine El Kassas & Mrs.Alissar Haddad, Followed by opening the exhibition of the sharing companies and the projects &* posters presented by the students of the faculty of health sciences preparedundersupervisionof Dr. Germine El Kassas... more