Career Oportunities

Medical laboratory professionals can be found working in a number of different settings from doctor’s offices to hospitals, research laboratories to public health centers.


This field offers a wide range of employment opportunities in the areas of


• Clinical Analysis; in hospital laboratories, private medical laboratories and blood banks


• Industry; in pharmaceutical industries and laboratory-equipment supplying companies


• Health Care Administration


• Higher Education; working in universities and institutes


• Research; in biomedical research centers


• Public Health, in Central and Public Health laboratories 

A degree in Nutrition& Dietetics prepares you for a variety of opportunities, including:
    - Health care positions in hospitals, hospice and home care, retirement communities, and other health care facilities.
    - Food service management in hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, and other settings where food is served.
    - Community and public health agencies.
    - Consultants in the food and nutrition areas, including sports nutrition and wellness.
    - Research in nutrition and food.
    - Food industry.

This type of employment can be found in a variety of places, such as wellness centers, hospitals, centers for the elderly, schools, and day care facilities, and it includes the following job titles:

    - Clinical Dietitian (including fields of specialization such as renal, pediatric, nutrition support, etc.) 
    - Hospital Food Service Administrator 
    - Commercial Food Service Administrator
    - Consulting Nutritionist 
    - Private Practitioner 
    - Restaurant Food Service Administrator
    - Consumer and Public Relations Specialist for a food company
    - Diet Counselor
    - Home Healthcare Dietitian
    - Sports Nutritionist
    - Marketing Specialist for a food or nutrition company
    - Nutrition Researcher
    - Product Development Researcher
    - Public Health Nutritionist
    - Rehabilitation Consultant
    - Sales Representative for food 
    - School Food Service Administrator