News & Events

22 June 2016
wo representatives from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) shelter office (Beirut and Tripoli) have visited the Faculty of Architectural Engineering,... more

25 January 2016
The Faculty of Architecture of engineering - Tripoli branch had organized a trip to Europe in the period from 01/25/2016 TO 02/03/2016 for the students of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts and Design Program (Interior Design), the total number of participating students and some of there parents is (44) person, this trip was supervised by Dr. Mostafa Elhefnawi... more

25 February 2015
Under the patronage of Professor Khaled H. Baghdady Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, the Faculty of Architectural Engineering in Tripoli Campus organised a Students Art Exhibition, which was held on the 25th, and till the 27th of February 2015.... more

29 November 2014
The Faculty of Architectural Engineering Tripoli branch has organised a scientific workshop with title ‘Building Energy Modelling and Monitoring’. The workshop lasted for three days 29th, 30th November and 1st of December, eight hours per day (total 24 hours).... more

20 March 2014
As part of the Building Construction I course Prof. Karim Galal organized a site visit to Dar Al Salam Cultural Center in Tripoli. The site being under construction, students learned about different building stages (from foundation to finishing). It was required to submit a report at the end of the visit concentrating on specific details they learned at the site. Instructors Arch. Yathreb Sabsabi and Arch. Sara Maassarani accompanied the students on the trip.... more

10 March 2014
As part of the Freehand course, Prof. Dr. Adnan Khouja organized a pottery workshop. The workshop was attended by students and instructors of the faculty of architecture... more

19 February 2014
In order to prepare students of Design II for their term project: The Science Museum. Prof. Sherif Khashaba organized a field trip to the AUB Archaeological Museum in Beirut. Students got to study the space organization and circulation inside the museum, in addition to learning about the rich collection on display in the museum. . Instructors Arch. Dana Kawekji and Arch. Sara Maassarani accompanied the students on the trip.... more

01 February 2014
The faculty of Architectural engineering, Tripoli branch of Beirut Arab University (BAU) organized a scientific trip to Spain, this trip had started from 31 January 2014 to 6 February 2014 arriving in Tripoli on 7 February 2014 at morning . The trip was under the supervision of Dr. Sherif Khashaba (associate professor in the faculty).... more

01 November 2013
The Faculty of Engineering students and instructors organized a dinner at the Shater Hassan Palace, Deddeh.... more