Business Etiquette

05 December 2016

The Faculty of business Administration at Beirut Arab University – Tripoli Campus organized a lecture about  “Business Etiquette”, presented by  the Image and Etiquette consultant Mrs. Nadine Daher. The lecture was attended by Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Prof. Khaled Baghdady, Deputy of the  General Secretary for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Mr. Mohamad Hamoud, Director of Faculty of Business administration; Dr. Hani El Chaarani,  staff, Alumni and students. Ms. Nadine Daher spoke about the importance of etiquette in our daily social life and in the organization of relationships among people in the society. Furthur more,Ms. Daher discussed the three important principles for etiquette that are respect, honesty, consideration, and the importance of business etiquette in our social and business betterment. Ms. Daher ended the lecture talking about the appropriate attire for men and women in a job interview, how to behave during the interview, and after leaving the interview. Ms. Daher ended the event by gifting her two books, to the  university Library : Etiquette: Science and Courtesy, and Etiquette from Childhood to Adolescence.

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