Beirut Arab University Signs an Agreement of Cooperation with Al Mina Municipality

29 November 2016

The Head of Al Mina Municipality Mr. Abdulkader Alameddine  and President of Beirut Arab University Professor Amr Galal El Adawi signed an agreement of mutual cooperation to support the scientific activities in AL Mina Municipality- Tripoli and to benefit from the logistic capacities, the data charts available at the municipality and the scientific experiences at BAU. A meeting for this purpose was held in BAU- Tripoli Campus in the presence of the Head of the Municipality Council and members, BAU President Professor El Adawi, BAU Vice President for Tripoli Branch Affairs, Professor Khaled Baghdadi, BAU Secretary General Dr. Omar Houri, Deputy Secretary General for BAU- Tripoli Branch, Mr. Mohammad Hammoud, as well as Tripoli Branch Coordinator and Head of the Alumni in Tripoli Mr. Ahmad Sankari. 

During the meeting, BAU president noted the “importance of cooperation with Al Mina Municipality” saying “we have become a part of it as the campus falls in its geographic realm, and thus we have to employ all of our potentials to help the municipality achieve a lot of projects. Being dear to our hearts, Al Mina requires our absolute support and contribution in its development at all levels especially that it has a unique corniche in Lebanon.” 

Professor El Adawi also highlighted the experience and the accumulated capacities at BAU since its establishment in Beirut 56 years ago. “We have achieved a lot of accomplishments since the inauguration of Tripoli Branch in Al Mina six years ago, devoting all of our financial and academic competences to the city and our students. Great strides have also been made towards international accreditation crowned with the university institutional accreditation and the academic accreditation of almost all programs, the latest of which is the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences undergraduate and graduate five-year unconditional program accreditation.”

Head of Al Mina Municipality Mr. Abdulkader Alameddine assured “the significance of the presence of BAU buildings in Al Mina” adding “We are proud of BAU and its branch in Tripoli, Al Mina in particular. BAU has a long ancient history firmly embedded  in the memory of the people in Al Mina, Tripoli, the North and Lebanon in general especially those who studied in Cairo and other universities in Egypt bearing in mind that the main road in Al Mina is named Port Said in commemoration of the struggles this city witnessed a long time ago.” “The council members and I discussed the significance of cooperation between the municipality and BAU branch in Tripoli,” he stated, “and I was eager to ensure the importance of signing such an agreement to benefit from the ideas, studies and experiences available at BAU in our development projects and hopefully this protocol bears fruit in reality in view of the engineering, architectural and environmental expertise at BAU. We, in turn, shall put the municipality capacities at the disposal of the university and students pursuing their education there in the hope that such an agreement augurs well for cooperation with all universities in the North.”

BAU Vice President for Tripoli Branch Professor Khaled Baghdadi indicated that “the agreement aims at facilitating matters; all graduation projects are oriented towards solving the issues in the North bearing in mind that our main issue was obtaining information easily and smoothly. This city is in need of more efforts exerted by its people and institutions in general and BAU, indeed, to increase the level of awareness and development. Thus, the agreement embraces articles on research projects and awareness seminars among others which are ready to be put into action as soon as possible”

The agreement defined the framework of cooperation in the field of offering and implementing development projects appropriate for both parties, concerned authorities and international bodies, organising mutual workshops and awareness seminars about the development of Al Mina city, setting development plans and engineering studies for the city, training the municipality staff and offering a hand in the budget planning of the municipality. 

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