Annual Music Concert

17 May 2017

The Student Activities Department at Tripoli Campus performed the Annual Music Concert under the supervision of the music club instructor Mr. Rami Beck.
The concert, which included a mix of oriental and western songs, was performed by the talented BAU Students: Dima Jaroudi, Ahmad Dakak, Radwan Baroudi, Maryam Tleis, Majed Mourad and Fadi Yahya.
Sticky Notes band, ended the concert consisting of: George Karam From Notre Dame University-Louaize, Karim Amoudi, Mohsen Azizi, Nadim Latti, Ali Jabakhenji, Hassan Jundi from Balamand University and Mohamad Kaddour, Dima Jaroudi and Fadi Yahya  from Beirut Arab University.
In the end , The Vice President of Tripoli branch Affairs Dr. Khaled Baghdady and Deputy for Secretary General Mr. Mohamad Hammoud thanked the Student Activities Department and members of the music club for their efforts by giving shields to each and a trophy for the music club instructor Rami Bek.

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