Prof. Hoda Ahmed El-Maradny

Prof. Hoda Ahmed El-Maradny
Faculty: PharmacyDepartment: Pharmaceutical TechnologyPosition: Professor and Head of Pharmaceutical technology DepartmentPhone: 009611300110Ext: 2385E-mail:


Prof. Hoda obtained her BSc degree in Pharmacy from Alexandria University, where she later joined the Department of Industrial Pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy. She was appointed as the Head of Industrial Pharmacy Department, Alexandria University in 2009 and the Head of Pharmaceutical technology Department at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Beirut Arab University in 2012. Her teaching experience as a professor of pharmaceutical technology at Beirut Arab University, covers different areas of pharmaceutics, pharmaceutical technology, industrial pharmacy and drug delivery systems on both the under- and postgraduate levels.
She supervised more than ten theses of master and PhD at Alexandria University and Beirut Arab |University.
 She is interested in pharmaceutical nanotechnology and drug delivery targeting systems. She has about forty publications and participated in many national and international conferences.