Prof. Azza Abdel Kader Morsy Gazy

Prof. Azza Abdel Kader Morsy Gazy
Faculty: PharmacyDepartment: Pharmaceutical TechnologyPosition: Professor of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry and Drug Quality ControlPhone: 009611300110Ext: 2518E-mail:


Prof. Azza joined Beirut Arab University in 2013 after over 21 years of experience teaching at Alexandria University, where she taught a wide variety of courses including Qualitative Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry, Quantitative Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis, Applied Analytical Chemistry (water, lipid and milk analysis), Pharmaceutical Analysis and Drug Quality Control for undergraduates and postgraduates students. During her academic career, she served as the Head of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry department, Executive manager of "The Quality Assurance & Accreditation Center", and executive manager of General and Pharmaceutical Unit for Bioequvalance Studies at the Faculty of Pharmacy in  Alexandria University.

Prof. Azza’s research interest focuses on the design of analytical methods for various pharmaceutical compounds in different matrices and analytical problem solving using different analytical techniques, such as spectrophotometric, colorimetric, fluorimetry , various chromatographic (HPLC,HPTLC), kinetic, voltammetric  and chemometric methods. Prof. Azza supervised more than 10 master and PhD theses in Alexandria University and Beirut Arab University. Her work appeared in a variety of high-impact journals.


Teaching Experience

- Teaching Practical courses in Inorganic and Pharmaceutical  Analytical Chemistry of Pharmacy students
- Teaching and preparation of undergraduate courses of Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry in Faculty of Pharmacy/

Alexandria University ,Pharos University and Beirut Arab University  including :
- Qualitative Analytical Chemistry.
- Quantitative Analytical Chemistry
- Instrumental Analysis.
- Applied Analytical Chemistry (water, lipid and milk analysis)

2015-16 courses

Research Interest and Recent publications

Research Interest
Conducting research on a variety of pharmaceutical compounds and biological fluids using different analytical techniques including Spectrophotometric,Colrimetric, Fluorimetry , Various Chromatographic methods (GC,HPLC,HPTLC), Kinetic methods , Voltammetric methods  and Chemometric methods. Also, undertaking research into bioequivalence and biowavier studies.

Recent Publications

- Validated Selective HPLC–DAD Method for the Simultaneous Determination of Diclofenac Sodium and Lidocaine Hydrochloride in Presence of Four of Their Related Substances and Potential Impurities , Acta Chromatographica, 27(3), 477 – 493, (2015). DOI: 10.1556/AChrom.27.2015.3.6

- Selective RP-HPLC DAD method for determination of tenofovirfumarate and emtricitabine in bulk powder and in tablets”, M.H. AbdelHay, A.A. Gazy, R.A. Shaalan, H.K. Ashour Acta Chromatographica no. 1 March , 2015.

- Validated Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Nabumetone in Tablets Dosage Form Using Three Dinitrobenzene Reagents, Mona M Bedair, Azza A Gazy, Tarek S Belal *, Karin M Guirguis Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 4(4),1001-1014(2013)

- Stability-indicating spectrophotometric methods for the simultaneous determination of Lornoxicam and its oxidative degradation product. application to degradation kinetics and assay of pharmaceutical dosage forms Azza A. Gazy1,2, Tarek S. Belal1*, Mona M. Bedair1 and Karin M. Guirguis3 Der Pharma Chemica, 2014, 6(6):39-49 ( ISSN 0975-413X CODEN (USA): PCHHAX

- Simple Spectrophotometric Methods for Determination of Tenofovir Fumarate and Emtricitabine in Bulk Powder and in Tablets, Mohammad H. AbdelHay, Azza A. Gazy, Rasha A. Shaalan, and Heba K. Ashour, Journal of Spectroscopy Volume 2013, Article ID 937409,1-7.


1. Postgraduate coordinator Faculty of pharmacy  Beirut Arab University
2. Head of postgraduate studies and scientific research committee Faculty of pharmacy  Beirut Arab University
3. Lab Manger of Drug quality control laboratory (DQC) certified to ISO9001 Faculty of pharmacy  Beirut Arab University


1.The 22nd pharmaceutical congress of the Order of  Lebanese Pharmacists, 24-26 October 2014.
2.21st LAAS International Science Conference« Horizon 2020: Advances in Sciences and technology »Saint Joseph University (USJ), Damascus Road, Beirut, Lebanon, April 15-17, 2015


-  Alexandria University prize of scientific encouragement, Alexandria University,December ,1997
-  National encouragement   prize for medical sciences Academy of Scientific Research of the Arab Republic of Egypt, 2007.
-  Distinguishable peer reviewer (Mar 2008 by National Committee for QA and Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education, Egypt).