Dr. Safaa Hammoud

Dr. Safaa Hammoud
Faculty: PharmacyDepartment: Pharmacology and TherapeuticsPosition: Lecturer, Master degree in PharmacologyOffice Number: 102Phone: 009611300110Ext: 2792E-mail: shamoud@bau.edu.lb


Safaa Hammoud graduated from BAU with a B.Sc. in pharmacy degree in 2010 and a Master degree in Pharmacology in 2013.
Safaa Hammoud has recently joined Faculty of Pharmacy in Beirut Arab University as a full time Lecturer.
Safaa Hammoud joined the faculty as a part time graduate assistant since 2011 where she participated in teaching, guiding and demonstrating experiments in Pharmacology Laboratories.
Safaa Hammoud worked as a hospital, oncology pharmacist for 2 years in Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH), Beirut, Lebanon. Then she held the position of Quality Control, Team Leader of the Pharmacy Department in RHUH. She worked on developing and applying hospital policies and procedures. She was also a member in the Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee, the Occupational Health and Patient Safety and the Multi-displinary committee.
Safaa Hammoud is currently working on the detrimental effects of some drugs on the control of cardiovascular and renal functions. 


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