Dr. Khaled Abed Galil

Dr. Khaled Abed Galil
Faculty: PharmacyDepartment: Pharmaceutical SciencesPosition: Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical MicrobiologyPhone: 009611300110Ext: 2359E-mail: k.abedjalil@bau.edu.lb


Dr Khaled has more than 8 years of teaching Pharmaceutical  and Medical Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology, Immunology, Parasitology, and Public health. Supervision of PhD, Masters and Pharm. D thesis.
He did many Research Activities in Designing of DNA probes, PCR primers and synthetic RNA by cloning technique. Combining different techniques for the detection of viruses and bacteria in environmental and food samples. Optimization of RT-PCR, Nested RT-PCR and NASBA conditions for sensitive detection of the viral RNA. Cell culture techniques for the detection of different proteins expressed in different cell lines. He has been Working on HIV-1 virus and finding out the mechanism of HIV-1 resistance in different animal species. Publications in high-impact scientific journals (more than 14 scientific articles).