Dr. Rim Taleb

Dr. Rim Taleb
Faculty: Medicine Department: Clinical SciencesOffice Number: 1027Phone: 01300110Ext: 2613E-mail: r.taleb@bau.edu.lb


Dr. Rim Taleb, Lecturer of Family Medicine, Beirut Arab University since September 2017; Specialist in Family Medicine 2016, American University of Beirut. She was the Family Medicine Chief Resident for the year 2016-2017 at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. She obtained the Arab Board of Family Medicine in 2017. She is currently pursuing her master of health professions education at Maastricht/Suez Canal Universities. Dr. Taleb worked with UNDP as a local consultant on primary health care projects. She also worked with International Medical Corps as a consultant/CMR trainer. She is interested in providing primary healthcare for underprivileged population in addition to medical education, and narrative medicine. Dr. Taleb is convinced that writing reflective pieces on special clinical encounters helps her understand the patient's illness, and improves her effectiveness as a clinician. Her main research interests are medical education, disease prevention and screening, quality in healthcare, and care of the refugees, where she has many ongoing research projects. Dr. Rim Taleb CV


CMR Trainer Consultant

International Medical Corps (IMC) 2016-2017

Trainer on “Support to Integrated Services Providers at Local Level

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) 2017

Skilled in Training and Presenting Workshops/ Lectures

Presented lectures about menstrual cycle as part of an awareness campaign organized by OXFAM 2015

Presented the "Medical Jeopardy" in the Lebanese Society of Family Medicine Annual Conference 2015

Presented a lecture in the 46th Middle East Medical Assembly, entitled " CBC: Red Flags in primary care 2014

Presented the "Medical Jeopardy" in the Lebanese Society of Family Medicine Annual Conference 2014

Presented part of a program entitled: "The HRT Tribunal:To replace or not to replace" 2014

Instructor of Anatomy and Histology Labs in Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Beirut Arab University 2010-2011

2017-18 Courses

Fall 2017/2018:

FMER501 Family Medicine
FABL201 Life Cycle


Addressing domestic violence in primary care: what the physician needs to know Libyan Journal of Medicine- March 2014

Beyond medical care: Letter to the editor American Annals of the Deaf- Spring 2015

Nail Biting: A Habit or a Disease? Medscape- May 2016

Caring for Refugees: The Basics Remain the Same Medscape- October 2016

Communication: A Basic Need, in Beirut or Boston Medscape- December 2016

Use of Family Practice Periodicals in Journal Clubs: A Study from the Middle East British Journal of General Practice (open access)- May 2017

Adoption of Health Behavior among Primary Care Physicians: A Cross Sectional Study from Lebanon Submitted for Review

Obesity: Beliefs, Attitudes, and Knowledge of Family Physicians Ongoing write-up

An Unusual Urinary Tract Infection Caused by Vibrio fluvialis: A Case Report Submitted for Review

A Golden Bracelet, A Golden Heart Reflective Piece- Pending Submission

Doctor, you cut my back Reflective Piece- Pending Submission

Publications in The Huffington Post



Secretary of the Medical Student Committee Beirut Arab University 2005 - 2006

Team Leader in Mobile Clinic Project for Syrian Refugees AUBMC initiative in collaboration with the Lebanese MoPH (This project was launched following the Syrian Crisis, and was intended to serve the Syrian refugees' children at the settlements in Bekaa and the North, and it served more than two thousand children. Physicians and nurses from different departments participated in this project, accounting for more than 60 volunteers) 2014, 2016-17

Quality Improvement Projects These are projects that aim to improve patient care and service excellence. AUBMC –Department of Family Medicine 2015-17

Member in Program Evaluation Committee AUBMC –Department of Family Medicine 2016-2017

Member in Resident Staff Quality Council AUBMC 2015-2017

Member in Performance Improvement Committee AUBMC 2015-2017

Member of the Editorial Board of the Newsletter 2016 AUBMC –Department of Family Medicine