Services Marketing

BMKT 302 – Services Marketing

Basic Information

Course Title:                                       Services Marketing
Course Code:                                      BMKT 302
Hours:                                                 Lecture: 3        Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite:                                        BMKT 30

1-Course Description and Overall Objectives:

This course addresses challenges professionals and organizations face in creating and delivering high quality services. Class sessions will primarily center around case-based learning, with lectures to highlight key frameworks and concepts. Assignments provide students with a hands-on understanding of concepts and methods being used by practitioners in today's competitive markets to analyze customer/client requirements; measure service quality; and design, promote, and deliver outstanding service. The course is designed for individuals who manage or aspire to manage professional practices in such areas as law or accounting, or service products and activities in financial, healthcare, educational, high-tech, manufacturing, and retail organizations.

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