Mathematics and Computer Science

About the department

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Beirut Arab University engages in research in different areas, and in teaching a wide range of students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, the department also engages in interdisciplinary and outreach activities inside the university and beyond. It offers core courses necessary for the two separate programs of Mathematics and Computer Science and provides service courses for other programs within the university. The graduate program is designed for students who are interested in performing high-level research. With its Master and Doctorate of philosophy being recognized by the ministry of education, the department has developed a wide scope of research in a different areas in Mathematics and Computer Science, which varies from abstract algebra, numerical optimization, optimal control problems, image processing, model driven engineering and different aspects in computer science. Faculty members are proactive in collaborating with fellow researchers around the globe and in participating at local and international conferences and workshops. Faculty members are active at all levels of the undergraduate and graduate programs, integrating their experience with teaching to give the students the best knowledge and training possible.

Programs offered by the Department