Salwa Mahmoud Abdel Rahman

Salwa Mahmoud Abdel Rahman
Faculty: ScienceDepartment: Biological SciencesPosition: Assistant Professor of BotanyOffice Number: EB116 (A2 building)Phone: +961 7 985 858Ext: 3307E-mail:


Dr. Salwa Abdel Rahman received her Ph.D. in Botany from Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt in 2008. Between 2008 and 2012 she worked as an Assistant Professor of Botany at Department of Botany and Microbiology, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University, Egypt. She has been a faculty member of the Biological and Environmental Sciences department at Beirut Arab University since September 2012.

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Previous courses

Undergraduate Courses:

Biology I, Biology II, Plant Physiology ,Advanced plant Physiology , Introductory Plant pathology,  Principles of Ecology,  Global Warming Biology, Biology of Vascular Plants, Senior Research in Biology.  

Graduate Courses:

Advanced Plant Biochemistry, Plant Biotechnology, Biodiversity and pollution, Research techniques, Directed individual study in Biology.         

Spring 2015/2016



Research Interests

Plant Physiology, Medicinal plants, stress physiology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Pathology,  biodiversity and environmental Science.                    


1. HodaYusef, Salwa Abdel Rahman, Enas Dabbous and Hassan Hammud. (2017). Pollution Research, VOL. 36 (2): 230–240. Decolorization and Detoxification of Methylene Blue by A Lebanese Bacterial Strain; Bacillus Licheniformis —

2. Mohammad Hassan Halawi, Salwa M Abdel Rahman and Hoda Yusef. Compartive study of the antifungal activity of Olea europaea L. against some pathogernic Candida albicans isolates in Lebanon. Int. J. Curr.Micribiol. App.Sci. 4 (6), 970-984 (2015).

3. S Abd-Ellatif, SM Abdel Rahman, SF Deraz - Promising antifungal effect of some folkloric medicinal plants collected from El-Hammam habitat, Egypt against dangerous pathogenic and toxinogenic fungi .J. Agric. Biol. Sci, 2011

4. SMA Rahman, SA Abd-Ellatif, SF Deraz, AA Khalil. .Antibacterial activity of some wild medicinal plants collected from western Mediterranean coast, Egypt: Natural alternatives for infectious disease treatment. African Journal of Biotechnology.  Vol 10, No 52 (2011).


- Member of the Egyptian Botanical Society and  the Egyptian Society for Experimental Biology since 2008                                     
- Organized the  poster day of  Biological and Environmental Sciences department at Beirut Arab University March  2015.