Riham Abdel Kader

Riham Abdel Kader
Faculty: ScienceDepartment: Mathematics & Computer SciencePosition: Assistant Professor of Computer ScienceOffice Number: B115 (A2 building)Phone: +961 7 985 858Ext: 3310E-mail: r.abdelkader@bau.edu.lb


Dr. Riham Abdel Kader has graduated from the American University of Beirut in Lebanon receiving her BS (2003) and MS (2006) degrees in Computer Science. In 2006, Dr. Riham joined the Database Group at the University of Twente in The Netherlands as a PhD student. She focused her research on the optimization of XQueries in the context of relational database systems. She received her PhD in 2010, and started working as a Senior Software Engineer at ASML, a leading international company in the lithography industry. Since 2014, she is an Assistant professor at Beirut Arab University. Her research interests are the optimization of joins in Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, and Graphs.

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Previous courses

Undergraduate Courses:
Introduction to Database Management Systems, Mobile Application Development, Android Programming, File Structure, Computer Graphics, Introduction to Human Computer Interaction, Software Project Management, and Computer and Society.

Graduate Courses:
Advanced Topics in Database Management Systems, Technical Writing and Research Skills.

Spring 2015/2016


Research Interests

The research interests are the optimization of joins in Database Management Systems, Software Engineering, and Graphs.


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Dr. Riham Abdel Kader is a member of  

    • The Faculty of Science research committee,
    • The Scientific Committee of the International Conference of the Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science (LAAS),

    • The committee responsible for the preparation of the accreditation report targeted towards ABET (the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology),

    • The Committee responsible for the preparation of the self-assessment and continuous improvement reports for the computer science program,

    • The student activity committee of the Faculty of Science (Past).

Dr. Riham Abdel Kader is the responsible and coordinator of the training of a group of top computer science students at Beirut Arab University to take part in the Lebanese Collegiate Programming Competition (LCPC). One of the participating BAU teams won in LCPC 2015 and was invited to participate in the regional competition ACPC (Arab Collegiate Programming Competition).

Dr. Riham Abdel Kader is the supervisor of the following two master theses:
    • Combining Sub-Classification and User Feedback in Search Engine Results (Marwa Mashharawi)

    • A Modified Genetic Algorithm Solution for the Course Allocation Problem at Universities (Mohamad Mohamad)