Beekeeping Training Workshops activity

Beekeeping Training Workshops within the framework of the USAID funded “Lebanese Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD) for beekeeping and honey production in Bekaa area”

July 12, 2016; December 8, 2016; April 26, 2017

In cooperation with the USAID funded project “Lebanese Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD)”, RCED hosted several capacity building training workshops on July 12, 2016, December 8, 2016 and April 26, 2017 for bee keepers in Bekaa aiming at fostering the beekeeping and honey production sector in Lebanon with focus on raising the productive capacity of beekeeper cooperatives in Bekaa area.

In the opening sessions Dr. Safaa Baydoun, director of RCED, and Dr. Fadi Karam, Lebanese Industry Value Chain Development (LIVCD), addressed the audience with welcoming words and highlighted the importance of the beekeeping sector in Lebanon being one of the strategic value chain products and the potential role it plays in economic growth, agricultural activity and flora biodiversity conservation. In each of During the interactive workshops, experts Dr. Shady Al Hosari and Mr. Afif Abu Shdid provided 60 plus beekeeping participants with technical assistance, best practices and means to deal with the increasing environmental and climate changes challenges facing the sector. Information and success stories on the important potential of beekeeping and honey production for economic growth and sustainable development were exchanged.