Nursing Profession in Lebanon Challenges and Opportunities

Nursing Profession in Lebanon: Challenges and Opportunities

August 30, 2017

With the aim at discussing the challenges and opportunities of nursing profession at both national and international levels, the Nursing Department, Faculty of Health Sciences at BAU organized a seminar by Dr. Ahmad Tassi, at the Research Centre for Environment and Development, BAU, Bekaa on August 30, 2017, entitled “Nursing Profession in Lebanon: Challenges and Opportunities”. The seminar targeted new school graduates, vocational nursing students, hospital administrators, nurses, and other health care professionals. Dr. Tassi presented to participants an overview of nursing history, the broad scoop of responsibilities, and key role of the profession in healthcare systems. He emphasized that today nursing is undergoing major revolutionary changes and is becoming a very promising profession governed by a set of legislations and policies that grantee a secure future for nurses. The pressing concerns on the shortage in nurses in Lebanon and across the globe and need for high numbers of qualified nurses were also discussed. Highlights on the possibility to ensure patient safety and quality of care and to develop a wider perspective of nursing through training and university educational programs were given. The seminar ended with the announcement of the launching of the TS-BS bridging program at BAU, Bekaa followed by an open discussion.