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Quality Assurance

Introduction to Quality Assurance

The University’s Quality Assurance Framework is described in the University Strategy as: “Achieving Excellence in Education” in the purpose of:
•Enabling the effective and efficient monitoring of academic standards and the quality of the student experience in relation to internal and external requirements such as international accreditation bodies standards.
•Ensuring consistency 
•Providing a mechanism for critical review, highlight and promote good practice across the institution.

University Quality Assurance Committee

Quality assurance at BAU is conducted by internal members of the University.  In 2008, BAU established a University Quality Assurance Committee that is chaired by the University President. This work is undertaken in full collaboration with all Faculties. The Committee assisted all Faculties/Departments and their administrative departments in their programmes and curricula enhancement processes, aiming at achieving international accreditation for each programme, as well as international institutional accreditation. 

Each semester, the members of the Committee carry out site-visits in the University to review documentation, the ongoing educational process, other activities, and work-flow of the quality assurance system at the Faculties/Departments, in addition to spread the quality assurance awareness within the Faculty/Department, academic staff members, students, … etc.

Internal Quality Assurance Standards

BAU measures internal quality assurance standards through reports issued by the University Quality Assurance Committee which concludes a summary of the Faculty’s/Departments’ strengths, weaknesses and prospects. 
There are some basic elements that are going to be evaluated according to the BAU internal “Site-Visit Checklist” which was prepared by the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Centre in addition to other conditions that have to be met in the following areas: 
1.Area 1: Academic Standards.
2.Area 2: Quality of Learning Opportunities.
3.Area 3: Research & Other Scholarly Activities.
4.Area 4: Community Involvement. 
5.Area 5: Effectiveness of Quality Management.

The Quality Assurance Unit of a Faculty

Structure and Appointments of Faculty Quality Assurance Unit (FQAU)

1.General Supervisor/ Dean of the Faculty.
2.Director of Quality Assurance Unit:
The Director of the (FQAU) is a faculty member nominated by the Dean of the Faculty and appointed by the University President. 
3.Faculty Quality Assurance Unit Members:
The Faculty Quality Assurance Unit consists of a group of experienced faculty members whom are interested in quality assurance, faculty registrar, or/and one of the faculty employees. The members are nominated by the Dean and appointed by the University President.
4.Quality Assurance Unit Students: 
The Students at the Quality Assurance Unit consists of a group of students who are interested in quality assurance. The members are nominated by the Director of the (FQAU) and appointed by the Dean of the faculty.
Organizational Structure of the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit (FQAU)
The organizational structure of the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit (FQAU) is as follows:

Duties and Tasks of the (FQAU) Staff

1.Duties and Tasks of the (FQAU) Director

a.To report to the Faculty Dean.
b.To coordinate with the Dean to follow-up the QA unit affairs.
c.To provide different academic departments with assistance and support. 
d.To ask cooperation from academic and non-academic staff at the Faculty level in order to accomplish and execute all quality assurance works, and ask support of the Dean in case of any delay in this concern.
e.To held periodic meetings of the (FQAU), chaired by the Dean. Those meetings should be held before Faculty council meetings.
f.To be aware of all educational and extracurricular activities related to quality assurance activities at the Faculty level.
g.To raise awareness among Faculty academic staff members, students and the administrative staff about the application of quality assurance and accreditation in the Faculty. 

2. Duties and Tasks of  (FQAU) Members

a.To participate with (FQAU) Director in assessing the performance of the Faculty during the follow-up and quality management, and qualifying the system of the academic and administrative departments of the Faculty. 
b.To participate in developing the standards of performance, in general, to reach the international standards required to ensure the provision of accreditation according to the international criteria in education at higher education institutions.

3. Duties and Tasks of a (SQAU) Members

a.To raise awareness among students about the quality assurance works at the Faculty and about benefits of accreditation of the faculty programmes. 
b.To assist the (FQAU) in its activities.

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