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Academic Development & Quality Assurance Center



The Academic Development and Quality Assurance Centre is responsible for providing support in a broad range of development activities around academic quality assurance and enhancement, policy development, student engagement, academic staff and anyone else involved in teaching and learning process, building on good practice to achieve excellence in education. 

Historical Background

The Academic Development Centre was established in 2007 aiming at providing a technical support in the field of Quality Assurance to all constituents of the University and monitoring the implementation of up-to-date techniques in teaching, learning and research, as well as proposing developments of curricula and assessment methods in accordance with quality assurance criteria adopted at higher education institutions.
In 2008, BAU established a University Quality Assurance Committee under the umbrella of the Academic Development Centre, that was followed by the establishment of Faculties’ Quality Assurance Units. 
In 2016, BAU merged both the Academic Development Centre and the Quality Assurance Committee  in one body called the Academic Development & Quality Assurance Centre. 


The Academic Development & Quality Assurance Centre is committed to monitor and follow up the implementation of teaching and learning, scientific research and community services, according to the international quality assurance standards at higher education institutions.


Excellency of the University in the areas of teaching and learning, scientific research and community services.

Objectives & Responsibilities

The Academic Development & Quality Assurance Centre aims at evaluating the University academic performance, developing the educational and research policies, and enhancing community services and environmental development through the following objectives and responsibilities:
1.Assisting the University to achieve its mission and vision.
2.Proposing advanced academic programmes to meet the market demands, and to increase the competitiveness of the University among its peers of local, regional and international higher education institutions.
3.Supporting student-centered learning system.
4.Providing Faculties with technical support related to the assessment of teaching and learning processes.
5.Assisting faculty members and students on the use of up-to-date and appropriate techniques in teaching and learning process, in order to achieve the intended learning outcomes.
6.Promoting the cooperation with the community through Faculties’ Advisory Committees and University Centres. 
7.Supporting the educational process through assessing the inputs and outputs of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the educational process (academic staff members, non-academic staff members, students, graduates, external stakeholders, …etc).
8.Assisting in the adaptation of graduates to have the professional skills as well as skills in research and entrepreneurship.
9.Supporting Faculties’ programmes to get international accreditation.

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