Bachelor in Pharmacy

The Bachelor in pharmacy is a five-year program that is specifically designed to offer courses in pharmaceutical sciences, pharmaceutical technology in addition to clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice. The Faculty of Pharmacy offers a well structured and balanced curriculum between basic and pharmaceutical sciences on one side and the pharmacy practice and clinical sciences on the other side. For more details on the study plan and description of individual courses refer to the faculty catalog.

The Bachelor program is carefully designed to enable students to develop critical thinking/problem solving skills, while teaching them to be competent, caring health professionals committed to ethical principles and professional standards of pharmacy practice.

The Faculty of Pharmacy uses a variety of teaching/learning methodologies such as traditional didactic lectures, flipped classroom, problem based learning and team based-learning. In addition, the curriculum offers students rich hands-on experiences throughout their lab sessions. Alongside didactic courses, students are trained under the supervision and guidance of expert practionners in divers practice settings such as community pharmacies, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry and research. The Faculty of Pharmacy medium of instructions is English.

The Faculty of Pharmacy facilities and services offer students an environment conducive to learning. In this regards, the Faculty of Pharmacy continuously encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities and many events are scheduled yearly while supporting them academically through its strong advising system.

Graduates of the BAU Faculty of Pharmacy have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior enabling them to work in the different pharmacy career domains such clinical patient care, pharmaceutical industry, research, academia and regulatory agencies.

Study Plan

Curricular Map

The current 5-year Bachelor of Pharmacy is available for download (PDF). This document provides a general overview of the Basic science and pharmacy courses sequence by semester and year.

Educational Outcomes

The 5-year Bachelor of Pharmacy is designed to meet the educational outcomes identified by the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC) for the respective degree. These educational outcomes can be found on the AFPC website.

Graduation requirements

The five-year (10 semesters) study plan of the bachelor program comprises 180 credit hours of study: 12 credit hours of general university courses and 168 credit hours of pharmacy courses. All enrolled students should finish the required hours in not more than 20 semesters with a cGPA of not less than 2 and pass the Final Cumulative Assessment which is composed of: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) and written Multiple Choice Examination.

Pharmacy Graduate profile