Computer Engineering

The master degree curriculum is composed of 30 credit hours, of which 18 credit hours will be transferred from the BE degree. There are two options for the master degree; Thesis and Non-Thesis as shown in the following table:
Classification of Credits ME Thesis - Option ME Non-Thesis Option
Transferred from BE at BAU 18 credits 18 credits
Elective Courses 3 credits 6 credits
Research Methodology 3 credits 3 credits
Thesis 6 credits --------
Project -------- 3 credits
The list of transferred courses from the BE degree for the Master degree in the CE program is:
Transferred Courses from BE-Degree at BAU
COMP 423 Computer Architecture 3 Credits
COMP 431 Queuing and Modeling 3 Credits
COMP 443 Operating Systems 3 Credits
COMP 448 Compilers 3 Credits
COMP 458 Computer Networks 3 Credits
COMP 531 Cryptography and Information Security 3 Credits
  Total 18 Credits

Elective Courses

The CE program offers one track for the Master degree; Computer Engineering. The list of elective courses is shown in the following table: