• Degree: Bachelor
  • Campus: Debbieh,Tripoli
  • Faculty: Engineering
  • Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering

Program Description

The educational mission of Communications & Electronics Engineering (CEE) Program is to deliver high quality undergraduate education which combines balanced theoretical and practical topics in Communications & Electronics Engineering. Graduates of the program will have a mastery of fundamental knowledge in a variety of Communications & Electronics Engineering fields, management, and entrepreneurial skills. Graduates will be qualified to pursue successful careers in their profession or graduate studies in different areas.

Course Code Course Title Credits Hours Distribution Course Type
First Semester
MATH281 Linear Algebra 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
ENGR002 Introduction To Engineering 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
MCHE213 Dynamics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
PHYS281 Electricity And Magnetism 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
MATH282 Calculus 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
Second Semester
PHYS282 Material Properties And Heat 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) BSMC
COMP208 Programming I 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec,2Lab) GE
MATH283 Differential Equations 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) BSMC
COMP225 Digital Systems I 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec, 2Lab) ETOS
POWE212 Electric Circuits I 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) ETOS
Summer I
ENGL211 Advanced Writing 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
------- General Electives 4 (4) E
CHEM241 Principles of Chemistry 3 (3Cr.:3 Lec) BSMC
Third Semester
COME212L Electric Circuits Lab 1 (1Cr.:0Lec,2Lab) CEECC
POWE271 Electromagnetic Fundamentals 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) EPMECC
COMP226 Digital Systems II 3 (3Crs.: 2Lec, 2Lab) CECC
COME214 Electric Circuits II 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
COMP210 Programming II 3 (3Crs.:2Lec, 2Lab) CECC
COME221 Electronic Circuits I 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
Fourth Semester
MATH381 Probability And Statistics 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
ENGL300 Speech Communications 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) GEC
COMP328 CPU Design 3 (3Crs.:2Lec,2Lab) CECC
COME222 Electronic Circuits II 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
COME222L Electronic Circuits Lab 1 (1Cr.:0Lec,2Lab) CEECC
MATH284 Numerical Analysis 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) BSMC
INME221 Engineering Economy 3 (3Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) GE
Summer II
ENGR001 Engineering Ethics 1 (1Crs.: 1Lec, 0Lab) GEC
MGMT002 Entrepreneurship I 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec, 0Lab) GEC
CHEM405 Solid State Chemistry 2 (2Crs.: 2Lec,0Lab) BSMC
------- General Electives 4 (4) E
Fifth Semester
INME423 Project Planning & Management 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Tut) ETOS
COMP426 Microprocessor Interfacing 3 (3 Crs. : 2 lec, 2 lab) ETOS
COME381 Signals And Systems 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
COME411 Instrumentation 3 (3 Crs. : 2 lec, 2 lab) CEECC
COME372 Propagation And Antennas I 4 (4Crs.:4Lec,0Lab) CEECC
Sixth Semester
COME580L Communication Networks LAB 1 (1 Cr.: 0Lec, 2Lab) CEECC
COMExxx Technical Electives 1 3 (3) E
COME384 Digital Signal Processing 3 (3Crs.:2Lec,2Lab) CEECC
COME473 Propagation and Antennas II 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
COME473L Propagation and Antennas Lab 1 (1 Cr.: 0Lec, 2Lab) CEECC
COME380 Communication Theory and Systems I 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
COME580 Communication Networks 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
Seventh Semester
COME472 Microwave Engineering 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
COME576 Optical Communications 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
COME485 Communication Theory And Systems II 3 (3 Crs.: 3Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
COME485L Communication LAB 1 (1 Cr.: 0Lec, 2Lab) CEECC
COME499 Internship 1 (1Cr.) CEECC
COME500 Research Methodology 2 (2 Crs.: 2Lec, 0Lab) CEECC
COME501 Final Year Project I 1 (1Cr.) CEECC
COMExxx Technical Electives 2 3 (3) E
Eighth Semester
COME588 Wireless Communication 3 (3Crs.:3Lec,0Lab) CEECC
COME588L Communication Circuits Lab 1 (1Cr.:0Lec,2Lab) CEECC
COME573L Microwave Lab 1 (1Cr.:0Lec,2Lab) CEECC
COME502 Final Year Project II 3 (3 Crs.) CEECC
COMExxx Technical Electives 3 6 (6) E