MSc in Economics

Master of Science in Economics - Admission Requirements

Applicants for the MSc degree must hold a bachelor’s degree obtained from the Faculty of Business Administration at Beirut Arab University or from a recognized university with a minimum CGPA of “2.33” for credit-hour system students and “Good” for the academic year system students.

Career Opportunities

Economics graduates may be employed by large private or public organizations, profit or non-profit organizations, governmental or local authorities, consultation firms and much more.

Some career options include:
Market Analyst
Investments Analyst
Urban/Regional Planner
Research Assistant
Securities Broker
Supply-Chain Analyst
Real Estate Agent
Budget Analyst
Insurance Analyst
Real Estate Appraiser


The MSc in Economics (36 Crs.) curriculum consists of the following: 

I. Core Courses (24 Crs.)
Elective Courses (6 Crs.)
III. Thesis (6 Crs.)

See the suggested Study Plan for the MSc in Economics (Download as PDF)