MSc in Accounting

Master of Science in Accounting - Admission Requirements

Applicants for the MSc degree must hold a bachelor’s degree obtained from the Faculty of Business Administration at Beirut Arab University or from a recognized university with a minimum CGPA of “2.33” for credit-hour system students and “Good” for the academic year system students.

Career Opportunities

Graduates may seek employment in different settings, since accounting and auditing are necessary for a wide variety of businesses, Government, tax authority, auditing firms (CPA firms) and banks. Hence, our graduates may find careers in accounting, internal auditing, corporate governance, external auditing, budgeting preparation, product costing and cost control, financial accounting, and managerial accounting.

Some career options include:

Tax Accountant
Cost Accountant
Managerial Accountant
Internal Auditor
External Auditor
Governmental Auditor
Finance Controller
Finance Director


The MSc in Accounting (36 Crs.) curriculum consists of the following: 

I. Core Courses (24 Crs.)
I. Elective Courses (6 Crs.)
III. Thesis (6 Crs.)

 See the suggested Study Plan for the MSc in Accounting (Download as PDF)