Eman Attia

Eman Attia
Faculty: Business AdministrationDepartment: EconomicsPosition: Head of Economics DepartmentOffice Number: 224/8Phone: 01/300 110Ext: 2318E-mail: e.atia@bau.edu.lb


Prof. Eman Attia received her PhD in Economic 1997. Professor Eman received a master degree in Economic form Alexandria University, Egypt. She is Professor in the Economic Department and head of Economic Department – Faculty of Business Administration – Beirut Arab University. She was Associate Professor of Economics in Damanhour University, Egypt and Assistant Professor of Economics in Alexandria University, Egypt. She worked as a visiting professor in Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime (Egypt).

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Information and Communication Technologies and geographic concentration of  manufacturing industries: evidence from Egyptian economics

The relationship between Education and Democracy, Econometric and Analytic Study.

The impact of corruption on education outcomes, Empirical study of the Arab countries

The relationship between Education and Democracy, Econometric and Analytic Study

The Impact of financial crisis on the real sector with Application on global financial crisis 2007.

The impact of information and communication Technologies on the labor market with reference to Egyptian labor market.

Manufacturing and the Economic Growth in Developing Countries

Mechanisms to Raise the Efficiency of Water Irrigation in Egypt.

The Impact of Economics Reform policies on Human Development in Egypt.

The impact of (FDI) economics externalities on economic growth in developing countries


E- Commerce Conference. Alexandria University          

Foreign direct investment conference Alexandria University

Experiences of economics Integration in the Arab world and west Europe countries

Ambitions on the Arab economic cooperation for increasing saving and investment rates, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime (Egypt)

World economic forum-Sharm El Sheikh Egypt (May 2006)

Arab Labor Conference, thirty-fifth session- Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (2008)

World economic forum – Sharm El – Sheikh,Egypt .  ( May2008)

Global financial crisis and its consequences on Egyptian economy – conference center – Bibliotheca Alexandrina- Egypt

The role of service industry in enhancing the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy

Prospects of Development in the Governorate of El – Behira, till 2020, faculty of commerce, Damanhur University


Principles of Micro Economics
Principles of Macro Economics
Micro Economic Theory
Macro Economic theory
Resources and Environmental Economics
International Economics
Money and Banking
Economics of Development


  • Board member of  the open learning unit at the Faculty of Commerce, Damanhur University.
  • Board member of the English unit at the Faculty of Commerce, Damanhur university from 2008/2009 to 2009/2010.
  • Board member of researches and post studies unit at the Faculty of Commerce, Damanhur University from 2008/2009 to 2009/2010, 2010/2011.
  • Board member of the quality assurance unit since 2011 to 2013
  • Board member of the commercial chamber, Behira Governorate.