Prof .Hesham Elshal

Prof .Hesham  Elshal
Faculty: Medicine Department: Clinical Sciences Position: Professor of Pediatrics Office Number: 323Phone: 01300110Ext: 2378E-mail:


Professor Hesham Ibrahim Elshal, Professor of Pediatrics, Beirut Arab University since september 2015, Ph. D Pediatrics, Suez Canal University, Egypt on 1996. He got ECFMG (USA) in 1996. He worked as Professor of Pediatrics, Suez Canal University since 2006, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Suez Canal University from 2001 - 2006. He worked as Professor and Consultant of Pediatrics and Neonatology, Ministry of Health (MOH) saudia Arabia from 2004 - 2010. He worked as Medical Director, MOH, Saudia Arabia, meanwhile he was assigned as Quality instructor and assessor in the field of Hospital Quality Accreditation.(Prof Hisham Shal CV)


Professor of Pediatrics Sep2015-Present
Faculty of Medicine, Beirut Arab University , Beirut , Lebanon
Professor of Pediatrics June 2007-Sep2015
Faculty of Medicine,SuezCanal University, Egypt
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics Nov2001-June2007
Faculty of Medicine,Suez Canal University, Egypt
Lecturer of Pediatrics June 1996-Nov2001
Faculty of Medicine,SuezCanal University, Egypt
Head of Pediatrics & Medical Director, Ministry of Health, Saudia ArabiaSep2008-Sep2011
Assistant Lecturer of Pediatrics 1991-1996
Faculty of Medicine,SuezCanal University, Egypt
Resident of Pediatrics1987-1990
Alexandria University, Egypt
House Officer 1986-1987
Alexandria University main Hospital

2015-16 courses

Fall 2015/2016:
PEDT403 Pediatrics
PEDT809 Genetics for Pediatrics
PEDT810 Radio-Diagnosis for Pediatrics  
PEDT811 Special Pediatrics  
PEDT 818 Pediatric Nephrology and endoc.

Spring 2015/2016:
PEDM502 Pediatrics Medicine  

2016-17 courses

Fall 2016/2017:
PEDT403 Pediatrics

Spring 2016/2017:
PEDT403 Pediatrics 


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September 2005
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Real-Time PCR and Flow Cytometry in Detection of Cyclospora Oocytes in Fecal Samples Of Syptomatic and Asymptomatic Pediatric Patients. Journal of the Egyptian Society of
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Conference   2010
Hepatocellular Injury in Children Suffering from Hypoxia/Ischemia. 1999
Epidemiological Factors Contributing to Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets in Infants. 1998
Prevalence of Childhood  Infection and  Ill Consequences of Bilharziasis in Residents as
Compared with   Bedwins in Sinai. Thesis for MD Degree of Pediatrics, Suez Canal
University 1995
Courses :

Qualityand  Patient Safety courses
Neonatology & Resuscitation workshops
Abdominal Ultrasound course
Leadership workshop
Communication & Consultation Skills workshop
Neonatal screening  Program
Use of Technology in Education Program
Medical Ethics Program
Infection  Control Program

Member in Egyptian Society of Pediatrics
Member in Saudi Society of Neonatology