International Relations


About Us

The International Relations Office (IRO) at BAU was established in July 2011 to support a network of international relations that benefit the educational process at the University. Our office can be found on the fifth floor of the main building in Beirut Campus.



We aspire to promote the University’s international image as a global center of excellence in teaching and research and to support the quality of knowledge through global partnerships and mobility of students and staff.



The IRO is responsible for establishing, managing and monitoring cooperative agreements and international projects with international institutions and for supporting exchange programs for students and staff. The office is also responsible for sustaining relationships with partners and representing the university abroad.



We believe in maintaining solid foundations of communication with students, staff, and partners.


We respect differences and foster diversity found in our University and community.


We realize the value of organizational and individual responsibility and accountability to achieve the desired outcomes.


We act with trustworthiness and integrity with students, staff, partners, and stakeholders.


  • Supporting BAU’s international community.
  • Collaborating with partners from other higher education institutions.
  • Promoting student and staff mobility and exchange programs to BAU’s community.
  • Guiding students and staff throughout all aspects of the mobility process.
  • Organizing joint projects, seminars and conferences with international partners.


The International Relations Office consists of three units that collaboratively operate to promote the internationalization culture at BAU. Below is a description of the mentioned units and their duties:

International Projects Unit

The International Projects Unit performs the following duties:

  • Promoting exchange programs at BAU.
  • Monitoring agreements held with Lebanese, Arab, and international bodies and projects performed by the European Union and others.

Students and Professors Exchange Unit

The Students and Professors Exchange Unit performs the following duties:

  • Preparing and reviewing draft cooperation agreements that include exchange of experiences, information, and publications.
  • Following-up with the implementation of these agreements.
  • Assisting students and staff throughout the implementation of mobility, scholarship, exchange, and grant programs.

The Unions and Organizations Unit

The Unions and Organizations Unit performs the following duties:

  • Communicating and coordinating with institutions, Lebanese university consortia, Arab and international universities, and institutes of studies and research and reporting directly to the president.
  • Following-up and organizing the participation of BAU’s staff and students in local, Arab and international scientific conferences and seminars.

Exchanges Opportunities

We encourage student and staff mobility to promote educational and research experiences and exchange of different cultural traditions.

What We Do

To stimulate student and staff mobility, we facilitate communication of students and academic staff with the relevant international institutions and assist them in performing the right paper work. Students are able to participate in exchange programs (or study or work placements) for 3-10 months.

We secure all necessary facilities to the outgoing and incoming students and staff to enable them to complete the mobility program with maximum benefits for both parties. We also facilitate the participation of students with special needs in this program.

Previous Projects

The University has participated in three ERASMUS MUNDUS projects in collaboration with nineteen European partner universities as well as sixteen Arab universities as below:

  • Egypt - Lebanon - EU Mobility Exchange Network (ELEMENT), 2011-2015.
  • Program for Excellence Academy Cooperation Exchange (PEACE), 2012-2016.
  • Program for Excellence Academy Cooperation Exchange (PEACEII), 2012-2016.

Memberships & Agreements

Below is a list of BAU’s current collaborations and agreements. Navigate to view the agreements.


  • Fifth Floor, Main Building, Beirut Arab University.
  • +961 1 300 110 X: 2303