Systems Approaches for Enhancing Urban Health & Wellbeing

18 October 2017

Beirut Arab University holds Series of Workshop entitled “Systems Approaches for Enhancing Urban Health & Wellbeing”
Keeps Pace with Civil Organization, Traffic and Quality of Life in the Capital
in cooperation with ICSU and T.E.S.T


In keeping with the BAU Strategy which is based on the concept of community service, and in order to promote the bilateral notion of "Systems Approaches for Enhancing Urban Health & Wellbeing”, the Faculty of Architecture- Design and Built Environment at Beirut Arab University launched a series of specialised workshops dedicated to improving the environment of adaptation and resilience in the city of Beirut in line with the plans of civil organization, traffic, the general environment and the quality of life required by civilized cities to achieve reasonable proportions of population adjustment in their daily life.

The Opening Workshop was held in the presence of the University President, Professor Amr Galal El Adawi and Dean of Faculty of Architecture – Design and Built Environment Professor Ibtihal El Bastawissi, in addition to BAU Deans, Faculty and Staff in cooperation with ICSU and T.E.S.T . Workshops were dealt with the set of "Roadmap 2030" for the city of Beirut, including four main axes for developing the quality of life in the city: urban planning, finance and innovation, economic policy and governance, as well as data and geographic information systems.

The remarks of Professor Peter Richard Head, Founder and CEO of the Ecological Sequestration Trust (T.E.S.T) and Professor Franz Gatzeiller Executive Programme Director of ICSU- China focused on scrutinising the steps necessary to improve pedestrian traffic in the streets of Beirut and increase its green spaces. As a first step, the project will be initiated in the area of Tarik Al Jadeedah and BAU surroundings. The workshops will be followed by a conference to be held next year. 


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