Dr. Ismail Seragelddin’s lectures on Arab Reality and Artificial Intelligence

14 September 2017

To open the gates of understanding and close the doors of war

Beirut Arab University hosted the Founding Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina Dr. Ismail Seragelddin who gave a lecture on “The Arab Civilization from Current Crises to Future Horizons” on Beirut campus. The lecture was attended by HE Fouad Sanioura, MP Dr. Ammar Houri representing HE the President of the Council of Ministers H.E. Saad El Hariri. The event was also attended by a crowd of diplomats, ambassadors, and academic staff from Lebanon and Egypt as well as BAU family.
Professor Amr El Adawi, President of BAU, gave a brief presentation about the lecturer, highlighting Dr. Seragelddin’s significant milestones at the scientific and academic levels and the improvement of the Arab educational reality. Professor El Adawi pointed out that, in the light of his great experience and engagement with scientific and educational issues, Seragelddin’s success and distinction reached beyond his country to the whole world. El Adawi also presented the most important aspects of Seragelddin’s biography, including his attainment of an honorary doctorate from Beirut Arab University which, according to El Adawi,  is granted to only those who enrich knowledge and contribute to the development of their communities and countries. This honorary doctorate was also granted to both late Prime Minister Rafic Hariri and late Lebanese Architect Assem Salam.
Seragelddin began his lecture by reviewing the Arab reality nowadays, pointing out that we are responsible for the sense of dispersion and loss we feel as we are able to detect disasters but reject solutions.
In this respect, he said that at the heart of the Arab World is a cultural challenge that requires thought and science to diagnose the dilemmas we live in, stressing the fact that there is no room for advancement except by establishing a new stage of openness and reform.
Seragelddin pointed out that the dark fate of the Arab people and the criminal scenes they live in as well as the conspiracies woven for others cannot be tolerated, and necessitate the planning of an intellectual journey that moves the Arab World into a brighter future. The proper approach to any rise is to cease bloodshed, adopt a dialogue of reason instead of that of cannons, of imagination rather than bullets, and to open the gates of understanding and close the doors of war.
He also reviewed the Arab World's problems, pointing out the weakness of the means adopted by the Arabs to address these problems as compared to the plans and strategies employed in the major countries.
Seragelddin’s second lecture, ““Artificial Intelligence Comes of Age: The Third Global Revolution Takes Off”” was dedicated to students in the various disciplines at the University.  In his presentation, he depicted a realistic demonstration of the facilities offered by the development of technology worldwide. For him, these can be employed in the resolution of crises ranging from scientific, educational and academic problems to the most serious ones, through the social media channels, highlighting some of the disadvantages that have limited human communication and the introduction of robotics technology to our lives as a result of this tremendous development.
At the end of the lecture, Professor El Adawi presented the BAU Honorary Shield to  Dr. Serageldgin as a token of appreciation for his knowledge and contributions.


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